Climate around the Rockport/Fulton area

Kontiki Beach Management 1, LLC

Rockport is a distinctive waterfront community that enjoys the mild, subtropical climate of southern Texas. The accepted attire for most occasions is shorts, sandals and coastal casual. The adjacent Gulf of Mexico exerts a moderating influence so that winters are a bit warmer and summers a bit cooler than in towns farther inland. This pleasant climate provides endless opportunities for a wide array of recreational activities throughout the year.
Summer temperatures are generally in the mid-80s, with average daily July highs of 89. Nights cool down to 75 for comfortable sleeping.
Autumn brings November daily highs of 75 degrees, dropping to 55 degrees at night, and a fall average temperature of 73 degrees. By January, the average nighttime low drops to 45 degrees, and a jacket or sweater is needed. By afternoon, things have warmed up to a very pleasant 67 degrees.
A gentle, southerly Gulf of Mexico breeze averages 12 mph annually. The average yearly rainfall for Aransas County is 34 inches falling in a relatively even distribution throughout the year. April and May are the wettest and windiest months. December and January are the driest. Snow is not on the agenda, and the golf courses are open all year. Best of all, Rockport-Fulton sports 225 plus days of sunshine on the Texas Gulf Coast!