Kontiki Beach Management 1, LLC


Reservations & Deposits - 
Reservations can be made online or by phone.  The responsible party must be 25 years of age or older.  You will be asked for a valid driver’s license at check-in if there is a question about validity of age. Maximum capacity per room/condominium is indicated on your reservation. If violated, a $300 per person, per day fee will be added.  

Booking Fee - When booking your reservation, a payment by credit card of $50 will be charged and is non-refundable if reservation is cancelled. It is deducted from the balance due when the final payment is made.
Confirmations - You will receive an email confirmation of the payment and details of the reservation. Should you not receive this email within 24 hours of making your reservation, please call 361-729-2318 as your reservation may not be confirmed!
Payment - We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.  A $50 booking fee is due upon making the reservation and 50% of the balance is due no later than 14 days prior to your check-in date.  By accepting the terms of this rental agreement, you authorize Kontiki Beach Management to automatically charge your credit card on file for your remaining balance 2 weeks prior to your arrival unless you make other payment arrangements. 

For rentals longer than 1 month the following policies apply:
A deposit in the amount of $500.00 will be required at the time the reservation is made. This will be applied to the first month's rent.
Each month's rent (except for the last month) is due 30 days in advance.
Your credit card will be charged unless prior arrangements are made.
We only accept checks on reservations made more than 30 days before the check-in date to allow time for processing. If paying by check, payment must be received no later than 5 days after booking your reservation or the reservation will be canceled. Please reference reservation dates and confirmation number when sending checks.

Taxes – On rentals less than one month in duration, Texas lodging tax and any County or city occupancy taxes that apply are added to your total rent and will be due when the balance of your rent is paid.

Cancelations - Cancelations must be submitted in writing (letter, fax or email) and must be confirmed by the front desk by email.  Please make any changes or cancelations more than 2 weeks in advance of your arrival for daily reservations, and 1 month (30 days) in advance for reservations a month or longer. Failure to do so will result in a Cancelation Fee equal to ½ the total rental on daily rentals and the full rental rate on monthly rentals. Please keep a copy of your fax or email cancelation request and confirmation email. In the case of a "No-Show" the reservation will be treated as a cancelation and the card on file will be charged.

Damage to Property - Any damages found upon check in must be reported within 2 hours of check in or you will assume responsibility for any damages found. Tenants are responsible for all unreported damages, and damage caused by negligence, and willful and wanton conduct.   There is a $500.00 deposit for Bay Front rentals and a $300.00 deposit for Phase 2 rentals.

Pets – Pets are not allowed unless special arrangements are made.  Any unauthorized pet is an automatic $200 fine and immediate eviction with no refund.

No Smoking - All our properties are non-smoking. Smoking is NOT allowed. Any evidence of smoking, including odor, ashes, cigarette butts, etc., will result in an immediate $500 fine, plus any cost incurred in ridding the rental of smoking residue or damages.

Check-In & Check-Out Times - Check-in time is any time after 3:00 pm. Check-out time is 11:00 am. Late check outs and early check-ins are available based upon occupancy. Please call for rates & availability.   Our maids will arrive at the condo shortly after 11:00 am to start cleaning; if tenants are not checked out by 11 am there will be an automatic $100 charge per hour.

Housekeeping and Cleaning – Housekeeping fees vary depending on the size and location of the condo and will be added to the total rental.  This cleaning fee is for normal cleaning and washing of all linens, etc.  Excessive or extra cleaning, if necessary, may result in extra costs that will be charged to your credit card.  

Occupancy & Additional Guests - The maximum occupancy for each Condo and suite is monitored closely. Only registered guests may occupy the property. While we understand that you may have additional guests over, no parties, large groups or additional overnight guests are allowed. Exceeding the maximum occupancy or having parties/large groups at the property will be reason for eviction without reimbursement of rents and deposits.  A $200 per person, per day fee will be added to the rental rate for any guests found to exceed the maximum number allowed and not listed on the rental agreement.
Amenities – There is free WIFI in both Bay Front and Phase 2 properties. Bay Front Bay Front guests may use the pool, tennis courts, and docks located within the security gates of the property and fishing pier.  Phase 2 guests may use the pool located on the Phase 2 grounds and the fishing pier.  All codes for access will be provided at check-in. 

Standard Unit Equipment - All condos and suites are equipped for basic housekeeping. This includes furniture, TV, kitchen appliances, pots, pans, dishes, silverware, one blanket per bed and one pillow per occupant (unless otherwise specified in the condo description). Each bathroom will have clean towels, wash clothes, hand towels, and bath mats for the guests as well as a small selection of soap, 1 roll of toilet paper for each bathroom and 1 roll of paper towel. Any items you feel will be necessary for your vacation should be brought with you from home.

Safety & Children - Safety and security is the sole responsibility of the guest. Property owner(s) or Kontiki Beach Management assume no responsibility or liability for the safety or security of the guests, or for injury caused by the criminal acts of other persons. In case of danger or potential damage to persons or property, call 911. The properties have not been made "child-safe," as various cleaning agents, knives, and other normal household items may be within the reach of small children. Please be aware and cautious with your little loved ones.  

Keys & Car Tags - If a guest loses their keys, there is a $25.00 charge per key. In the event of an after-hours lockout, please do not attempt to break any part of the property to enter. The full cost to repair such damages will be charged to your credit card. Please leave an AFTER-HOURS or emergency message at (405) 205-6652 or call (361)-729-2318.   A minimum $50.00 locksmith / opening fee will be charged to the guest’s credit card.    

Inventory & Inspections - A full written inventory has been taken of this property. We will conduct an inspection upon your departure. The inspector looks for: damages beyond normal wear and tear; missing items; the need for excessive cleaning or trash removal.

A/C & Refrigerators - Please do not turn the A/C units below 70 degrees. This will cause the unit to freeze and you could be charged for the maintenance call. The refrigerators work best at their normal settings. Please do not overload the refrigerator with warm food and drinks and turn them to the highest settings. The refrigerator will not be able to cool the food fast enough to prevent it from spoiling even at the highest settings.
Errors - All units are privately owned and decorated to individual owner tastes. Every effort has been made to ensure accurate descriptions and community amenities. Kontiki Beach Management is not responsible for changes in furnishings or bedding. Refunds and adjustments will not be considered for equipment breakdowns or malfunctions.

Lost & Found - Please make sure you check every room before you leave. We are not responsible for items left behind. If you leave something behind, please notify us immediately and we will make every effort to return it to you with shipping cost and a $25 service fee charged to your credit card on file.

Office Hours – Our office hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday-Sunday.  All non-emergency phone calls after hours will result in a $50 fee.  Please only call if it is an emergency.

Maintenance - We cannot be held responsible for any mechanical failure of air conditioning or any other appliances prior to or during the rental period. Please report any problems immediately to the property manager (405)205-6652.   We will make every effort to eliminate problems or have repairs made as soon as possible.

Disturbances - Guests are responsible for their own proper conduct and that of all guests in their party. This includes the responsibility for understanding and observing all policies and rules. We want you to enjoy your stay but loud disturbances including but not limited to loud music & noise, nudity, profanity or drunken behavior will not be tolerated. If police or security is called out then the entire party is subject to removal without refund. To report any disturbance or bad behaviors please call the Rockport Police Department at (361) 729-1111.

Right of Entry - Guests agree that the owner or agents reserves the right to enter the rental property anytime to investigate disturbances, check occupancy, check for damages, to make repairs, alterations or improvements as deemed appropriate or necessary by owner or management.  Guests will always be notified ahead of time before entering the home.

Personal Information Is Strictly Confidential – Kontiki Beach Management respects your right to privacy and considers any information that you provide us to be strictly confidential. We do not sell or share personal information and e-mail addresses with other companies.